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:00 p.m. in oakland. noelle walker joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: this is the safeway that sparked in amber alert. i got that amber alert on my phone but before that i heard one from a helicopter. that came from an oakland police helicopter search him and came from in oakland helicopter coming from overhead. -- that came from and oakland helicopter overhead. police are concerned for this little girl. >> the information is that the suspect does not know the occupants. this is a stranger deck has gained control of their vehicle. we want to find the vehicle as soon as possible. >> reporter: take a look at this picture. it is a picture of the suspect. the suspect is in african american man, 160 pounds, the amber alert list him as 35 years old. police say he is closer to 40 years old. we also have a photo of the car like the one that is carjacked. it is a two in three -- it is a 2001 infinity suv, here is the license plate number, 6jfm648. because there is a license plate number you assume police know who owns the car. i have asked police if they have reached out to the own
this morning already dancing in and out of some of our cameras. this is a live look in oakland on the nimitz. there's some roadwork out there southbound between jackson and oakland street and major roadwork on the approach to the antioch bridge. we'll tell you about that on "kcbs traffic" coming up >>> stop the train! get off the train! >> what? >> get off the train! >> whoa, whoa. >> bart is investigating whether one of its police officers was justice in using a stun -- justified on using a stun gun on a man who didn't comply with orders. someone had called police to say the man was harassing passengers on the train but one witness says the man was harmless. and the bart officer tased him for absolutely no reason, according to the witness. the witness doesn't want to be shown on camera but she spoke with kpix 5's christin ayers. >> reporter: the video taken on the evening of january 2 9 begins with a bart officer giving a man a stern warning. >> get off the train. >> hold it! >> get off the train! >> reporter: someone on this train called bart police to say the man was harassing riders?
with tickets to a big truck rally at the oakland coliseum couldn't get there in time. the closed station made them so late they gave up. >> the whole delay caused us to cancel our whole trip. i would say next time we take a trip, if we'ring on bart, let's look what is going on with bart, because something is always going on. >> reporter: a time-lapse video of a process that took hours. bart still has no explanation for why the derailment happened or how expensive will be. we're waiting for two 39' sections of new track to arrive. the crews will be working through the night to get that track in. reporting live, in concord, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. >>> this derailment happened very close to where two bart cars jumped the tracks back in 2011. that train though was carrying passengers. the 60 people on board, they were shaken up with three people hospitalized with minor injuries. bart's investigation then determined had that equipment problems were to blame, including a switching track. bart is looking into whether there is a possible connection between the two derailments. >> as de
up here, knocking out power along the oakland hills, berkeley hills border. there were about 1200 customers in the dark during the peak. this is the claire mont hotel in berkeley. one person says there was a bright flash and then boom, boom, out went the lights. it appears a tree branch came down on some wires. now for this couple, coming to their home from san francisco, a dark neighborhood, dark house but no big deal. >> we have a solar hot tub. we have solar hot water on the roof and my devices are charged. so we'll be fine. >> we don't care. >> reporter: i mentioned rain is the major component up here. but at times there have been gusting winds in the berkeley, oakland hills area. also a couple of other weather related phenomena to discuss. one is lightning. we did see a couple cases of lightning. one near concord, one here in the alameda area. and another component was fog. at one point you could not see one night. it's crystal clear right now. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, beautiful shot behind you. the weather made for a dangerous evening commute. our condit
threat to their life or another person's life. >>> the oakland police department, we have the real story at the headquarters. >> reporter: thomas frazier was hand picked to fix the oakland police department. the fixer couldn't figure it out and got canned. thomas frazier was paid $270,000 a year to whip the oakland police department into shape. he was too expensive and ineffective and fired. they were hoping he would be successful at making police more accountable. there was a civil suit filed after 4 officers were accused of beating and framing drug suspects. >> i was concerned about a change and whether that change would be called a set back. >> those reforms will be done. >> i want that sooner than later. >> reporter: after 10 years of non compliance, to shake up the department he had the power to overrule deputies and make changes. he knows why frazier lost favor with the judge. >> he was seen as too close to the police union. >> reporter: his last day is march 11th. the independent monitor will review the police department. warshaw doesn't get along with many city officials. no one
. here is sal. >>> traffic does look good on interstate 880 as you are driving on the oakland coliseum with no major issue is the troy time between san francisco is a little less than ten minutes which is the best it will be all day. 508 traffic -- 508, -- 580 the traffic does look good. let's go back to the desk. >>> they are looking into a string of suspicious fires that happened last night. here is a look, alex? >> it looks like they were put out fairly quickly and the oakland fire department said it seems as though they are certainly suspicious and it seems as though somebody set them intentionally. there were six suspicious fires, one until one area of oakland. we found several model pickup trucks that had caught fire and most of what burned was the debris in the back of the trucks, plot really the jar themselves, they are piecing what took place here and i have reached out to the oakland fire department and we are hoping to get more information on these fires, in oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we are also following developing news in oakland where people found a man sho
for drought conditions. new information about an oakland home invasion from last month when an 81-year-old woman was shot in the shoulder in her own home. how many people police have now arrested in the case. more than 100 passengers thought they were finally ecaping the bay area rain for hawaii but an emergency landing in san jose. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the bay area finally beginning to dry out after a weekend of rain especially in the north bay. this is a live picture at the by -- bay bridge. gray sky there. we have had a messy weekend. biggest storm since 2012. alex will explain the drought conditions but first rosemary will tell us more. >> four days of rain with little to no break over the north bay sure did add up look at the rainfall totals since thursday. some areas picking up almost 12 inches of rain. napa picked up almost 8, and santa rosa picked up more than six, san francisco almost 3 1/2. others half-inch to inch. these are impressive totals. areas like mount tam, almost 21 inches reported there. we have more than 15 inches in mill valley. cal stowing
story for the bay area, we'll get to the storm in just a moment. we begin tonight in oakland where an elderly woman found dead in her apartment and another person found injured. kron 4 news jeff at the scene all day today. he's now live outside the oakland's police head quarters, what's the latest on this. >> reporter: when they arrived they found evidence of entry and the woman is dead lying on the ground. officers arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and made the discovery of the 70-year-old dead woman in her apartment on 34th avenue along with another male victim who's a relative of that woman. >> both victims one was a male and one is female, the female victim is unresponsive and officers called for medical personnel and they arrived on the scene and pronounced the female victim deceaseded. . >> detectives trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> this time in the investigation we are treating this as a home invasion robbery, all indications with signs of force entry and two victims inside and at this time we have indications that this is possibly a home invasion r
>>> now at noon, oakland police are looking for this man as a person of interest in a carjacking and kidnapping out of oakland that has led to a statewide amber alert. >>> in san jose, a man is in custody in connection with the deadly stabbing outside a bar. what police say led to his arrest. motivating kids to do more >>> a statewide amber alert remains in effect as police investigate a carjacking andkinning in -- and kidnapping in oakland. boards are still lit up like this one in 880 oakland. alex savidge joins us live with specific details about the man police are looking for. >> reporter: oakland police believe this was a stranger abduction based upon everything they know and the witnesses they spoke with despite the fact that no one has reported this elderly man and this girl missing, at least not here in oakland thus far. >>> a little while ago police released this image -- i should say this photo of a person of interest in this investigation. a man they are looking for. they are trying to speak with roy mccamemy who they say has a criminal record for theft. he's known to h
why firefighters think it was arson. >>> there have been suspicious fires in oakland in the span of two hours. what most have in common. >>> several people injured on a flight originating out of san francisco. the chaos in the air when a cathay plane hit severe tire bu lens. >> reporter: city leaders mull over a congestion tax. the surprising reaction from pedestrians on the proposal. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. we are live in fremont this morning, where fire investigators are still on the scene of a suspicious fire. you can see some of the damage there. ktvu's janine de la vega has been following this story all morning long. she just got some new video of the flames and we'll have that and a lot more coming up in a live report. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, some people are seeing sprinkles this morning. >> some in blossom hill .03 in the bucket. light snow. what? yeah, light snow up interest truckee. most locations had some drizzle or very light rain. it looks like it's about done.
near jack london square. it opened up six weeks ago but the price tags here in oakland are rising. some compare the area's growth to a phenomenon that's already hit the east coast. >> such a tight group of people. >> reporter: the cool young and tech savvy have a new place to land, oakland. the vibe here is changing. >> when i line those up -- >> reporter: this tech startup lets you use your phone and eliminate your passwords to log you in online. they moved from san francisco to oakland where they share an office space. >> our overhead dropped significantly. >> reporter: they cut operating costs by half. most moves to oakland come down to money. that's helped the area food scene in our community flourish. >> so where are you going to go? so you're going to go to the place where there's cheap rent, big spaces, wide boulevards. i mean, a lot like what we talked about, about brooklyn. >> reporter: brooklyn's already been through this. reshaped and revitalized by people who could no longer afford manhattan. >> they are a lot cheaper. and that's attracting a lot of people who would be price
're on 880. >> it is 5:00 on a friday and this is 880 in oakland. thrush hour is a wet one, these are the lanes heading to us. i talked to the chp in oakland, and they told me they have been running all day from one accident to another. we talked to driver and they know these conditions can be treacherous. it's wet,is been raining for a few days. not the greatest but not the worst. >> considering it's a friday and it's rush hour, you have to be cautious, and don't assume that what you see is what will happen. be extra careful. >> you can see this storm is picking up today, tomorrow as bill martin is saying, tomorrow it starts to get heavy, several inches falling across the bay area, the one saving grace about the situation is that tomorrow of course is saturday, there won't be this much traffic on the roads. >> rain here up in the sierra they are getting new snow. some of the higher elevations will see more than 3 feet of snow through the weekend. all of that snow is great news for us since most of the bay area gets the water from the sierra snow pack. >> a winter storm war
, sonoma, napa, you are getting a bit of a break. oakland, hayward, the san ramon valley, finally some rain getting out toward your way. but unfortunately it's been pretty dry out toward dublin and even in the south bay. but you, too, are going to see rain by the afternoon. it will take you through the evening hours. we are still going to see the snow in the sierra nevada. right now it's raining at lake level. there's a winter storm warning above 7,000 feet. back home with the flash flood watch until 3:00. the north bay has the highest risk of seeing some flooding. street flooding medium. winds are kicking up to 20 to 30 miles an hour. raining, mid-and upper 50s, possibly flooding mainly in the north bay and we are going to spread the rain east and south. i've been getting a lot of tweets about people being disappointed they haven't seen much rain but more is coming. we will time it out for you in a now minutes. >> just hang on there, thank you, lisa. well, sonoma county has been bearing the brunt of a storm. the flash flood warning remains in effect there. >> nick smith joins us live from
>>> and that breaking news, an amber alert out of oakland. police right now are searching for this man. this is the latest photo of the person they believe carjacked and kidnapped an elderly man and a 13-year-old girl. good evening, everyone. i'm carol lip johnson. >> -- carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. he is driving with the license plate. abc7 news alan wang is live in oakland where we just got the latest from police. >> dan and carolyn, tonight the fbi stepped in and helped enhance a photo believed to be the man who abducted two people at this safe way. it happened around 1:00. look at this picture and see if you recognize this man. oakland police say this man wearing silver headphones and a uniquely striped scarf may have abducted two people. >> i am surprised this is always a very safe place. i have lived here for years. >> witnesses say the man stole some steaks and two or three lobsters leak these from this oakland safe way on redwood road near highway 13. he argued with a clerk and ran out of the store wielding a knife and jumped into a maroon or red sedan w
at eleven. a new development tonight in the oakland amber alert that kept a than 24 hours. tonight. police have new details on the person of interest in the case. next now at 11. law enforcement officers inand instead of arresting those mber alert is now canceled. and the person of interest in the case has been found.,. the cancellation comes on the heels of yesterday's police report. that an elderly man and a 13-year-old girl. were carjacked and kidnapped by a man wielding a knife outside an oakland safeway supermarket. and that was *after . police say, he was caught on surveillance video. taking steaks and lobsters from the store meat department! that man hs been identified as roy mc- camey. and officers with oakland police aer now speaking with him about over 18. and everyone involved apparently knew each other. kron-4's jeff bush is live department. he has more tonight on what's disturbing video from a sideshow on the streets of oakland. that sent officers hurrying to leave for their own safety. we first showed you this video last night on kron4 news at 8 -- and tonight it is r
been found at fault. >> in oakland, someone opened fire on a man snowed a car a block away from the police headquarters. police found the man lying on the ground outside his car at 5th and broadway. paramedics rushed him to the trauma center but there is in word on his condition or suspects or a motive. >> eight people are recovering after a flight from san francisco to hong kong hit severe turbulence as cathay pacific jetliner flew over japan. 321 passengers took off from sfo before noon. photos posted in hong kong show the mess left behind. items tossed all over the cabin and it looks like garbage on the floor. passengers say luggage fell on them when the bins snapped open. the turbulence lasted two minutes and felt like a roller coaster ride. the flight continued on until it reached the destination if hong kong where ambulances were waiting on the tarmac. on tuesday, several people on united flight in montana were injured when that flight hit severe turbulence. >>? santa cruz, a foster pair iran is arraigned on charges he molested four young victims. the 58-year-old steven we
. everyone is back in the building. >>> oakland police launched a statewide amber alert for a missing teenager and say it was bogus. turns out there was no carjacking, no kidnapping from a safeway parking although the in oakland. >>> a winter blast is crippling the eastern seaboard. the snow and ice storm has killed a dozen people and it is in line to pound the northeast today. this is a live look in new york city in a car they are driving down the streets and you can see the snowpack there very icy conditions. kpix 5's kiet do is at mineta san jose international airport. kiet, that winter blast is causing thousands of flight cancellations all across the country. >> yes, they are expecting a foot of snow in places like philly, new york, d.c. and boston. right now, 4400 flights canceled nationwide. if you are getting on a plane heading to the east coast, before you leave the house this morning, check your flight. the plows are out in raleigh, north carolina, but for a lot of stranded drivers, it hasn't done much good. officials in the southeast urge people to stay home if they could as
we did not put into motion the systems in place. >> oakland police want the statewide amber alert for the missing teenager that was a misunderstanding. >> a major winter storm that pounded the deep south is now moving up the eastern seaboard. at least a half a foot of snow could fall from the carolinas through maine. >> reporter: from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning" captions by: caption colorado >>> your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're going to get a little traffic and weather. i guess today looks -- you said 70 perhaps some places? >> yeah, getting close to 70 degrees in some spots. very, very mild around the bay area. of course starting out with a whole lot of cloud cover early on. and in fact, you can see some of the rain is moving into far northern california. there's a chance we cost a couple of sprinkles popping up in the bay area at least north of the golden gate bridge. not going to be mu
and killing his step in oakland can attend her funeral but a probation officer will be by his side. a judge decided the 14-year-old should not be released to the family. during the hearing yesterday the prosecution said that the teen has been involved in several very violent incidents including threats to shoot people. the teen faces murder and three firearms charges. the sister, justice toliver was killed at their home january 23. >>> santa clara county supervisors will debate whether to withhold hundreds of thousands in payments to the san jose fire department. critics say it takes too long for the paramedics to respond to emergency calls. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is in san jose with the latest. >> for matters of life or death the fire department may not be responding fast enough, the charge from one santa clara county supervisor who says the department has broken the contract. the supervisor says the county pays the san jose fire to be first on the scene for medical calls requiring they be there within eight minutes 90 percent of the time but in 14 months they have met the goal
with live doppler 7 hd is seeing the reduction in visibility. two at sfo and oakland and three at hayward and 1.5 in san carlos. a mile in san jose. now it is developing in the north bay or hit the santa rosa station at 1.5 visibility. the day planner shows foggy through 10:00 or 11:00 and then fade to clouds and low-to-mid 60's from noon through the afternoon. then clouds by 7:00 and mild and mid-to-upper 50's. inland we have lessing for than yesterday and mild temperatures and low-to-mid 50's through 7:00 and mid-to-upper 60's because of the extra sunshine and also in the upper 50's at 7:00 with clouds and the coast: foggy and 52 and clouds and upper 50's for the better part of afternoon and clouds thicken this evening and 55 degrees. here is leyla gulen with the details. >>> the ferry engines are ready to sail. >> we have mass transit running on time but now we have a couple of incidents reported by c.h.p. in tran we have this accident reported eastbound of 80 at 7th. there is another westbound 80 at fremont. we are trying to get clarification which are blocking two lanes with some del
right now in oakland if you are about to start your morning drive but an on-ramp is blocked in fremont because of a solo car accident so we'll tell you more about that in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> and we begin at 4:30, it happened at the tribal office of the cedarville rancheria in alturas near the oregon border. the alturas police tells kpix 544-year-old cherie lash rhoades opened fire in the middle of a tribal court proceeding against he in an attempt to evict her and her son. school was in session in the building including daycare with a five-day old child in attendance. the police chief says rhoades drew a semi-automatic handgun and started shooting. four people are dead. one of the victims is the tribe's leader. when she ran out of ammo, the chief says rhoades ran to kitchen and got a butcher knife. a bystander tackled her to the ground. the chief says it was a witness, a bystander, covered in blood, who ran to the police station to report the mass murder. the two women are in critical condition in a hospital in redding. >> a san jose man says he shot a man breaking into h
already where you are. oakland emeryville heavy rainfall. the rain no rain line stretches down to about burlingame and hillsborough. san bruno getting heavy rainfall. heavy rain just moving out of discovery bay leaving antioch heading towards the delta and look at you in the north bay marin county sonoma county getting some heavier rainfall. that's the yellow you see on your television screen. santa rosa, healdsburg, petaluma and bodega bay. there's plenty of rain off to the south and west. we're just getting started. a wind advisory on the coast from sonoma down to monterey bay. we'll see sustained winds this evening 25 to 30 miles per hour with some isolated wind gusts exceeding 50 miles an hour with drought-stressed trees may bring down some trees or limbs with power lines down, as well. what to expect for this evening? soaking rainfall, it's out there now. it will continue through the evening commute. gusty winds especially along the coastline even if you don't live at the coast it's still going to be windy where you are and a rare chance of bay area thunderstorms. how rare
're excited regardless either way. >> members of the school of urban missions of oakland are on their way to new orleans by way of dallas. their dallas flight was rain delayed. >> that's a minor delay, minor setback for a major comeback. >> reporter: folks i talked to were smiling when they told me -- >> i'm cancelled. >> reporter: erica plummer came to san francisco to interview this job applicant, and now she's stuck. >> my phone buzzed. i got a call from alaska airlines with an automated message your flight has cancelled and it will now be departing from san jose. >> by 1:00 this afternoon there were 111 cancellations and countless delays. the duty manager expects things to get worse. meanwhile, in palo alto, things could have been worse for this family. a huge water-logged tree came crashing down in the street just missing their home. >> my wife was saying the tree has gone down, i said no, no way, but then when you walked out and you saw it and you said oh, my gosh, just thank goodness that it fell into the street and not into the house. >> reporter: i'm told there are not a lot of p
carjacking in oakland. the many questions that surround this incident. >> plus turning public transit into a museum. the new push to bring art to bart. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. we want to take you out live to san francisco this morning. we are along vanness. you can see still a car there in active scene. another pedestrian hit and killed just a few hours ago. this is the city's fourth pedestrian death this year. ktvu tara moriarty is out there on the scene getting us some more details of the investigation and the problems that this accident certainly could cause for the morning commute. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us it is wednesday, february 12th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve has your forecast. >> i do. a lot of clouds streaming over us. some patchy fog underneath. there is patches of fog but not enough as what we saw yesterday. i don't think we will see anything here. morning dense fog but more sun to the south. a lot more clouds to the north. any rain would be really, really l
in the sierra and more is on the way possibly several feet this weekend. >> i'm cate caugiran live in oakland where firefighters are trying to help neighbors get ahead of this wet weather. the free resource they want you to take advantage of. >> reporter: security is tightening on all u.s. flights bound for russia. i'm kiet do. we have a live report in just a little bit. >> reporter: and taking a check of your roadways right now, just a couple of minutes ago i spotted a minor fender-bender approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. take a look. a live look towards the bottom of your screen, right there there's some flashing lights. one lane is blocked. the metering lights are off. they may be turned on here very shortly. so hang tight toward the bay bridge out of oakland. we are going to go flying right now over the altamont pass and you will notice the heaviest traffic leaving tracy on 205 and continuing past the vasco road exit a few slowdowns reaching dublin-pleasanton closer to 680. the drive time is up to 21 minutes. silicon valley commuters off to a great start here. yesterday it was rainin
, entre si el caso de robo de vehículos , de adulta la policía de oakland , información estaba robando , un cuchillo , los sujetos un vehículo no se sabe , de este año de la policía de oakland , así omo también le emitieron la alerta amber de los clásicos . >>> del sospechoso de los carros declaró está mañana unicamente al testimonio de testigos , . >>> [habla en inglés] . >>> en un sistema que trabaja que no queremos abusar , de la información a eso de las 4 de la tarde , desactivo la alerta amber la policía de oakland informó que el caso no fue un robo de vehículo y tampoco se trato del secuestró de dos personas . >;>> la policía de oakland , busca a roy el hombre que aparece en el video nosotros aquí en noticias univisión 14 lo mantendremos informado gracias flavi+o las autoridades , arrestaron a un hombre por hacerse pasar por oficial de la policía el 1 de febrero a las 3 de la mañana sobre , la calle , en san josé , ofreció llevar a la víctima a su destino donde la asalto sexualmente , en san josé la policía investiga el sexto homicidio
. >>: >>james: some disturbing video from a side show on the streets of oakland and san officers agreed to leave for their own safety. >>: to get out of our way. >>: we showed you this video yesterday morning. people taking a throwing bottles at a sheriff's deputy vehicle on the streets of oakland. there's no evidence of the video that law enforcement made any further efforts to stop this side show. kron4 asked at a meeting county sheriff's spokesman j d nelson about that. >>: i think he probably erred on the side of caution realized he was by himself and he had a large crowd. maybe when to run the quarter and maybe they did come back. that's not clearly shown in the video that the surgeon nelson says law enforcement is spread thin throughout oakland and back up is not always immediately available. the sheriff's office also has contracts with ac transit's to keep buses running. it's possible that it was there for that purpose. >>: if you like to join one of the hundreds people checking our main story. look for the title people that endanger other people behaving badly. you can watch the whole th
, quiet or horrific scene, we are live this is near hyland hospital in oakland, and a very big crash scene, investigaters are still out there and they are trying to figure out exactly what happened and brian flores just spoke to acquit who just interacted with the driver who may have caused all of this and we will check in with this in just a moment. >> i am dave clark, steve, it seems a little bit warmer. it will open between 6:00 and 8:00, some light rain well to the north, anything south of ukiah, sonoma and there is a little bit there, a few upper 40s, mostly cloudy conditions and very mild to warm conditions and it is 46, 53 ukiah, our highs will be near 60s and #0s, kind of haze -- 70s, more sun to the north, patches of fog give way 9:30 or 10:00, a lot of upper 60s, here is sal. >>> we have a crash, east 80th near the hall of justice and this is not affecting your drive time, this is still only taking a few minutes. westbound, this is a 15 minute drive time, and another ten on the bridge, meeting -- metering lights have not been turned on yet from both directions and we have a probl
in oakland is being accused of roughing up one of his students, a boy just ten years old. ktvu channel 2's with the allegation and what the reverend had to say when she confronted him. >> it happened after school last wednesday at st. andrew's. a k through 124th school in west oakland. 10-year-old cory says after a scuffle with another student, the church's reverend robert lacy stepped in. things escalated when cory says lacy tried to take him home in the school's van. >> i got out the back door for like a split second. he put me in the van, flailed me to the van's door then put me back in the van. >> take a close look at cory's left eye because he says that's a result of what happened next. >> he socked me one time. >> st. andrew's is no stranger to controversy. 2 investigates found a history of problems that range from allegations of abuse to misuse of public funds. in 2012, that controversy led oakland school district to cut off public funds, but the school stayed in business. akorgd to public record, at last count, it had 21 students. we tracked down the reverend who told us he knew ab
this is arson. >> another arson investigation is underway in oakland and this case involves cars and trucks. >>> imagine how many are driving down san francisco, find out the new driving force behind the idea. >>> and another plane took off from fso, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning, we want to take you back out to fremont this morning, you can see there is still a pretty huge response out there even though the fire was a while ago, this is mission boulevard in fremont and fire trucks are still on the scene janine de la vega is still on the scene and it is wednesday, february 19th, i am pam cook. >> let's talk weather and traffic, steve, is something coming down from the sky in some areas? >> a little bit. >> yes. >> we do have some very, very light rain and also breezy and it will be cooler and light snow up in the sierra, there is not a lot here and our system is mainly a low cloud deck and there has been some over to sunnyvale and if you have any reports of rain, you can always tweet me. facebook, e-mail. >> oakland 14 and santa cruz headed out towards scott valley
and this is 880 in oakland and traffic looks good as you are driving from the coliseum to oakland and it will be 3 or 4 minutes drive time. when you get to the bay bridge, it is less than 10 minutes from the toll plaza getting into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. >>> a shooting of a man just a block away in downtown oakland. tara moriarty is joining us to tell us what is going on. >> reporter: we are looking to get an update on the victim's condition and we don't know whether or not he survived. this all happened at 5th and broadway at 1:30 this morning and the man's car was found nearby and it appears he fell onto the street after being hit by gunfire. >> he stumbled out after being parked in the norville section and he was eventually transported to the hospital. >> the victim's name has not been released and he is in his 20s, live from oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> doses of people spoke out about a plan to build a surveillance center for the port of oakland. >> what i believe the d.c. to be about is deception, accountability and corruption. >> now supporters of that say it w
. that's an estimate with this radar return. moving the maps closer to san francisco and oakland. rain showers offshore and pushing across the bay out towards oakland and san leandro, nothing too major, just the green. we're looking offshore a little bit of a break in the action. but then more activity vipping out in the pacific. this would be the area of some more rain development and thunderstorm development, not just yet but later on today. out towards the east bay, orinda, a lot of scattered showers nearby. the south bay you can pick out the cloud cover out there and scotts valley. as we take a wider look out here, i was talking about the development in the pacific, we still have the strongest part of the storm to move in and keep in mind this is the only storm number one of two storms this week. this will be developing offshore basically out in this region later on today and into tonight. coming up our forecast update in a few minutes. we'll track the time of the heaviest downpours and we have thunderstorms to talk about with that unstable weather pattern offshore. we'll have more
is eligible for parole: we are getting a look at what it is like to be a police officer in oakland. christin ayers with the reality check. >> i think it is truly devastating. >> reporter: the survey of the 248 pain peek of the minds of oakland police officer. >> it has to be the most difficult in the state of california. >> reporter: a high crime rate, a large number of officers. and as the interpoll obtained by kpix5 shows, low moral. 65% of the officers say they don't feel valued by the department. 55% say they don't feel valued by the citizens of oakland. one officer called the department a laughing stock. >> reporter: the city has been on an aggressive campaign to recruit new officers but as new cops come in, large officers are leaving departments with lower crime and higher pay. then think there is the problem of leadership. >> there is no leadership. no direction. no indication of where we are going. >> reporter: the department has had four police chief ins the last two years and still does not have a permanent chief. and now the hiring process is on hold indefinitely. >> reporter: i t
eastbound traffic looks good heading into oakland and speaking of oakland, here's a live look. cruising right along westbound and eastbound side of 80 cruising everything is moving out to speed limit. also running out of time with trains. that is traffic. michele. >> all right elizabeth, thank you. it wasn't even close. this is a look at the seattle seahawks celebrating their first championship in franchise history. they dominated the denver broncos. marly hall has more on the big game in new jersey. >> it's the moment these seattle seahawks fans have dreamed about for years. >> all we wanted to do is win a championship and tonight it happened. for fans of the denver broncos dreams of victory turned into the agony of defeat. >> never peyton manning has got shut out like that. i left. couldn't stand it. couldn't watch. >> what can i say? >> it's the new york, new jersey's area first super bowl and the first to be held outdoors in a cold weather city. a week ago forecasters predicted snow and freezing temperatures on game night. lucky for fans it was more than 50 degrees at kick off. this
been following for you this afternoon. a carjacking and oakland has led to an amber alert. one man is believed to be in the vehicle with two other people inside. a man and a young girl, taken from a store in oakland. will start with the map showing you the location of the carjacking. it is at a safeway store just to the east of 13. thirteen runs through oakland. this is specifically redwood heights. let's give you a picture of the chopper, taken minutes after the carjacking was reported. you see here one of many police units on the scene. we're told that there was some sort of altercation inside the safeway store. and that a man came out of the store and then carjacked the vehicle with two people inside. and then took off. we have the car description to share with you. this is what police want you to be on the lookout for. it is described as a 2001 infiniti suv with this license plate. 6jfm648. the car description here is a infiniti suv. red or maroon in color. described as a q4. in that vehicle were two people in the parking lot, when someone entered the vehicle armed with a knife
. there was an apparent child abduction in oakland. it started with a report of a carjacking just before 1:00 this afternoon. a man carjacked a vehicle that might have had a 13-year-old girl is an older man inside. police splice supplied ush with this -- us with this image. this is the man they are looking for. police issued an update within just the last half hour. >> reporter: that's right. oakland police just held a press conference to update the amber alert information. people should focus on the license plate. they say people should be on the lookout for an suv or possibly a sedan. >> we had provided information that the vehicle is an suv in red. we also would like to can he mean that this -- to keep in mind this might be a sedan in red or burgundy. >> reporter: police saying they are confident that the plate is correct. that is 6 jf 648. people should be on the lookout for an suv or sedan. >> this is the police department. we have an amber alert. >> reporter: we were on hand as oakland police flew over head this afternoon announcing the amber alert. the carjacker first tried to shop
. >> developing news from oakland. the search is on for a suspected carjacker and the elderly man and teen girl he may have abducted. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the oakland safeway the. >> no sign of them but we have felt from inside the safeway. look at this: this is the man police are looking for. they describe him as an older african-american with salt and pepper hair, 5' 6". witnesses say they saw him stealing steak and lobster inside the store and saw him go outside armed with a knife and steal a car with two inside. >> our concern is and our priority is for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle described to us as elderly gentleman and a young girl possibly around age 13. >> it is sad. it is sad. a sad situation. sad that someone has to steal food. it is sad that innocent people are hijacked. >> this happened around 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the safeway on redwood road off of highway 13. police say no one has reported the man or girl missing. we asked them about that and they said they are look at all possible angles. here is the license plate and car description,
from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >>> oakland police are shedding light on the investigation into an amber alert. thanks for joining us. >> oakland police are holding a news conference after they released surveillance video showing a man they initially thought carjacked and kidnapped a 13-year-old girl and an adult. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in oakland. amy? >> kristen, we are waiting for the police briefing that was supposed to start at 10:45. we want to know there they have found the suspect or have any tips. we also want to ask if the 13-year-old really was abducted. first, the suspect. this is video, surveillance video that came from the cameras at the safeway in oakland. he is african-american man with salt and pepper hair. this was at the safeway in oakland and license plate s customs say though saw him steal lobster and steak and he had a knife. he got into a red car. they also say this was an elderly man and a 13-year-old girl in the car. police are saying he abducted the people but no one has reported the people missing. some police of
. >>> oakland police investigators are questioning a "person of interest" hoping he can explain the role in amber alert that turned out not to be a kidnapping. police say the suspect was taken into custody outside oakland last might but they will not confirm if he is the person in the surveillance video. they believed the person stole from the safeway store in oakland hills and carjacked a man and a 13-year-old girl. now investigators say all three knew each other and came to the super market together. a citizen tip led the police to the suspect. the girl is said now to be an adult. many say that it never looked like a carjacking and kidnapping. >> no one reported anyone missing. it didn't look like there was a big struggle for the car. something was going on. >> ones say the suspect was spotted hanging out at the safeway. lobster and steaks were stolen from the store. >> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting that left a person dead and three injured at 37th avenue and international boulevard. two men and two women were shots. officials have not released conditions of the oth
area. gonzalez in san jose, law in oakland. >> it was hard enough when he lost in the first place. >> reporter: the pair was headed to a crash reported to be in the northbound lanes of 99, turning out that the crash was really on the southbound lanes, and that is when they found themselves headed straight for the accident. it is believed that the info sent them face to face with a pickup and a mangled front end, headlights facing them. early reports indicated that they swerved to miss cars and people on the road in the pre- dawn hours when gonzalez seemed to have overcorrected, striking a guardrail and a road sign before flipping the cruiser, killing both men. the accident in route to help others, heartbreaking and confusing for family. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know. >> reporter: highway 99 here in fresno county was closed for hours this morning into this afternoon as investigators tried to gather evidence from that road. the funeral for both of the officers have not yet been set at this point, but likely will be a very big deal in this community. live in kingsburg,
the man appeared to be intoxicated. >>> oakland authorities are investigating a series of suspicious truck fires that all happened last night in one east oakland neighborhood. they say the trucks were set on fire between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. near bancroft and seminary avenues. they were older model trucks filled with cardboard. moment of what burned was the debris in the back of the trucks. >>> these fires were small in nature. that's our concern, that if there is someone else setting cars on fire. >> the arsonist did not use an accelerant to set the fires, just an open flame, they say. >>> the discovery of a body in some bushes prompted the closure of a freeway offramp in san pablo this morning. the body was found about 7:30 near the san pablo dam road exit from westbound 80. the offramp was shut down for about a half-hour. it's unclear how the man died investigators do not suspect foul play. the chp says that it appears the man was a transient and he was found dead by a fellow transient. >> that transient waved down a passing melt at vehicle who contacted san pablo police. police responde
will not stop violence on the streets of oakland. san"san francisco chronicle" reports the governor will veto a law aimed at placing more restrictions on gun owners in oak. leaders are pushing to make oakland the first to require gun owners to register guns with the city. the governor believes the city council should provide better support if the police department. he was the oakland mayor until 2006 and is a gun owner. >>> the family of a woman attacked in the emergency room at san francisco general hospital is questioning the hospital security. it is a story you saw first on abc7 news on tuesday night at 11 the family of the 93-year-old said she suffered cuts and bruises in the e.r. and you can see the injuries in these photos by the time the sheriff deputies intervened, it was too late. >> they found her bloody. she was bleeding from her head. her body was bruised. her arms were bleeding. >> the suspect, oren zebest, is accused of attacking her when he was told he had to be placed in psychiatric care. he entered a not guilty plea yesterday. she remains in good condition but is in the hospi
into the bay, how is it happen something. >> good evening. >>> the creek in oakland hills is known for its orange color and foul odor running from the hills passed the coliseum but its grimy days are numbered and the creek is about to get cleaned up. neighbors can't wait. >> reporter: get too close to the creek and you know something is not quite right. >> smells like rotten eggs. not clean water, not safe to drink or good for the plants. >> up attractive and unhealthy. >> reporter: fortunately for sandy it has been in her backyard for so long now the foul smell is her new normal. >> i am used to it. can you smell it? >> i can smell it. okay. that is it. >> reporter: officials claim to start a five month cleanup. the creek has been running orange for years, ever since the heights sulpher mine closed down in the 1930s and was never properly cleaned up. when water contacts the sulpher mining waste it turns acidic. giving the creek the orange color and rotten smell. >> you got the birds here. >> reporter: nicholas from san francisco is a geology major, curious about the effort he stopped
in the usual places. northbound 880, in downtown oakland, closure there is and around the antih bridge. the bay bridge, as well with road work. we will tell you about it coming up. >> thank you, elizabeth. >>> and american sport's history made overnight. jason collins, now the first openly gay player in any of the four major sports. more about collins on the court. >> reporter: out of the closet and onto the court, a warm welcome from fans for jason collins, the first openly gay athlete to play on a professional team in america. >> you just be yourself. i am just myself. never be afraid or ashamed or have any fear to be your true, authentic self. >> reporter: the 35-year-old veteran signed a 10 day contract with the brooklyn nets, playing his first game in l.a. he says he is focused on his role on the team more than his role in society. >> i don't have time to think about history right now. i just have to focus on my job tonight. >> reporter: collins let his guard down last spring, announcing in sports illustrated that he was gay. at the time the 12 year veteran wasn't with a team
is >>> welcome back. workers in oakland are fighting for a minimum wage pay hike. >> every business, every worker and everyone in our city will be lifted up because of the work we are starting here. >> the current minimum wage is $8. workers are asking for 12.25 an hour. a group called lift up oakland is gathering signatures to get the wage hike on the november ballot. >> living paycheck to paycheck. if i get fired i won't be out in the street at the end of the month. >> having security. >> still workers must gather 35,000 signatures by the end of may in order for the initiative to make the november ballot. governor brown bumped the state minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016. that is amid growing concern from the business community higher pay could mean fewer jobs and higher prices. >>> there are contentions behind the scenes in the democratic party. democrats hold almost all of the state's high-powered offices from a super majority in the legislature to the governor's office to diane feinstein, barbara boxer and nancy pelosi. >> in general, it's a very blue state and it's getting bluer. >> it's h
. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where the driver of a stolen pickup truck causes quite a mess. four cars damaged this morning. coming up we'll bring you the latest from oakland pd. >> reporter: and an early- morning fire near a high-rise apartment building near san francisco state forces 200 people to evacuate. we'll tell you about the anxious moments for people who live there. >>> get off the train, sir! >> how b.a.r.t. is responding to police officers tasing a man who they say was drunk and harassing other passengers. >>> another major snowstorm moving up the east coast. we're live in washington, d.c. with how much snow is expected. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." ktvu was first on the scene of a major crash in oakland. you're looking live at the scene. this is on 14th avenue near east 30th street. the new information brian floor rets just learned about the truck -- brian flores just learned about the truck you see on its side coming up in a few minutes. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weathe
and offer to fly them to oakland to make the sale. authorities say his accomplices, martin and others on the outside, would use stolen credit cards to buy the plane ticket and pick the seller up from the oakland airport in a limo. once the seller was in the limo, a band of armed thieves would stick up the limo and steal the jewelry. now martin and at least three of the other suspected robbers are behind bars. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> we don't know how many victims there are. but it could be in the dozens. >>> some other bay area news now. privacy advocates plan to hold a rally tonight in oakland against the city's proposed domain awareness center there. the program would include a network of video cameras, social media feeds and other realtime data. the rally is set for 6:00 at the frank gala plaza. >>> a spot for the hamulose now in -- homeless now. for the first time last night a parking area on the south end of the county fairground was available. it can accommodate up to 50 vehicles and a local charity is providing hot meals to people who choose to sleep there. they
. >> and i'm ken wayne. residents of an oakland neighborhood say they've had enough of crime and are fighting back without the help of police. today they launched a door to door plea for prooeft security in their neighborhood. only on ktvu, christina spent the day and joins us now from oakland headquarters. christina. >> we can tell you there are 51 police officer positions not filled. because of that, this oakland neighborhood group is taking matters into its own hands. >> hi, i'm your neighbor. >> hello. >> a friendly visit by neighbors is the start of a new association committed to protecting residents in the lincoln highlands area of oefk land's diamond district. the group is going door to door. >> hi. >> hi, you're about the neighborhood watch? >> i am. >> trying to get 100 people to sign up for a private security guard to patrol their neighborhood. they met saturday morning to plan their pitch before canvassing the treats. >> we've known about the crime. we've seen it on our e-mail groups. it's happening. >> the need for private patrols was spurred tuesday when an armed intruder shot an
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